Making Dreams Come True

Hey Friends!  The Flower Meadow is a special place located on The Dawkins Family Farm.  Grant grew up on the Farm and now our family of 6 live here.  We have this beautiful dream consisting of unbelievable rows of blooms filling the meadow and bringing joy to all who visit!


Turning Visions Into Reality

The Meadow View January 2023.  This Spring the rows will take form and the planting will begin!  We expect our summer annuals to bloom June through October! If they start earlier we will update those on the "Don't Miss the Blooms" List!  So make sure you are on it!

Perfection in Every Detail 

Speciality Cut Flowers in the Production Field. This is the members only field.  Those who appreciate the work it takes to grow short lived seasonal blooms and how rare they are to find in a mass collection.  As the production field comes alive regular updates will be given to our members along with lots of perks!  More Info Coming soon.

Planned Crops include:

Lisianthus, Tulips, Ranunculus, Dahlias

Come pick your own bouquet or get one reserved for you from the farm stand.

Members Only Starting 2024