Dahlias are a very special cut flower crop well known worldwide except in Oklahoma.  They can be grown here just not as easily as in other places.  Dahlias are THE flower that event florists crave when designing for any event from a banquet to an extravagant wedding.  Dahlias don't ship well so buying local is a needed option.

Here at The Flower Meadow we want to make these special unique flowers known in our community.  Why should the rest of the world get to enjoy their beauty without us Okies?  We did a poll and only 40% of our visitors said they had ever experienced a Dahlia before visiting The Flower Meadow.  We are missing out on an amazing flower! 

Dahlias come in a range of sizes from petite to Dinner Plate, literally the size of your head!  They also come in a wide array of colors. So there is one to suit every person out there.

Dahilas are the beauty queens of the fall.  They thrive in the fall when all the other flowers start to fade.

There are two ways to grow Dahlias. The first and traditional way is from planting a tuber which the plant creates during it's growing season.  It looks like a little potato under the ground.  Next year, plant one of those tubers and you will get an exact replica of the plant.  A great way to propagate.

The other way to grow Dahlias is from seed.  As the flower head dies it creates many seeds.  You can use these seeds to create brand-new dahlia varieties.  The Dahlia gene pool is very large and complex which is why the range of color and size is so vast.  

Here at The Flower Meadow in Oklahoma we grow them both ways.  We have tried and true known varieties that florists love and lots of new varieties growing in the U Pick Section.  If we find a Dahlia everyone can't live without we will make sure to keep those tubers and grow it out!  Maybe one day we will have a Dahlia named here at The Flower Meadow that florists use around the world!