Looking for something to do in the Tulsa area for team building or celebrating a party?  What's prettier than a flower farm? The Flower Meadow is the perfect place to throw a party or host a group. With indoor and outdoor options to accommodate your guest's needs. 

Private Flower Farm Event Rental

Rent the entire Flower Meadow flower farm for your private event. This is the perfect place to hold a large event gathering for over 40 people. Spread out and enjoy time roaming the flower farm taking in the beautiful views! Come together and celebrate together. 

4 hour rental / $1000 (Friday & Saturday)

4 hour rental / $800 (Monday - Thursday)

The rental is for the indoor room seats 24 and outside shaded seating space seats 24. With room to add-on additional seating.  The picnic tables in the meadow under the umbrellas seat 18.  

10 U Pick Cups for flower picking are included in the rental. 

Add-ons for additional flower picking ($20 each) or workshop activities are available.

Workshops such as Floral Arrangement and Pick and Paint on Canvas.

Party Rental

Perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, team building, homeschool groups, or family gatherings.

 4 hour rental / $300

The rental is for the indoor room (seats 24) and outside seating space (seats 24). 

Add-ons for flower picking or workshop activities are available. The Flower Meadow will remain open to the public.

10 U Pick Cups for flower picking are included in the rental. 

Add-ons for additional flower picking ($20 each) or workshop activities are available.

Date Night / Girls Night

Perfect for two or six!  Reserve one of the picnic tables and grab your favorite to-go food on the way!  Eat at one of our picnic tables and spend the evening strolling the meadow and picking your favorite blooms.  The perfect unique activity to enjoy good conversation in nature. 

*Several have had this option used for proposals...they all said YES! ;)

2 hours rental / $35

Add-Ons for flower picking or a Dessert are available.

Flower Stand

Are you hosting a bouquet bar at your home or another location?  Do you want to include a bouquet bar?  This flower stand is perfect!  Easy to set up and fill to make a feature photo-op for your party.  Divide up your flowers into the white buckets to show off each variety.  Guests can easily choose their favorites! I also include some tips on how to get the most out of your Bouquet Bar, Bloom Bar, or Stem Bar.

24 hour rental / $100 with a $25 refundable deposit on return

School Groups

Homeschool groups, Girl Scouts, and Field Trips are welcome during the week (Tuesday-Friday) at The Flower Meadow.  1 Chaperone is required per 6 children.  A discounted rate of $10 per child is provided.  Chaperones are free.  Each child can pick a cup of flowers.  This works great as a service project for the community as well. For instance, make bouquets for the local senior center. 

Please email to schedule your event. 

Add-Ons Include: 

Petting and Feeding Animals ($20 for the group)

Plant Seed to Flower Cycle

*We are not a free-range playground.  Kids should stay with their chaperones.  This is a working farm with tractors and equipment.  Thank you. 

Plan on 2.5 hours for your event which includes time for a picnic. 

If the Calendar date is open then the date is available.